Growing up in a small mid Michigan country town of West Branch with my Mom, brother, and sister, I was a kid full of enthusiasm and inspiration to perform and entertain audiences on many different stages. After deciding a career path as a hockey player, I moved to the village of Armada Michigan with my Dad. While living with my Dad, he took me to my first concert, The Rolling Stones.  As soon as I saw Mick Jagger jumping around on stage, my life was forever changed. I was inspired to pick up a guitar and teach myself. From there, with my guitar at my side, I started to excel in hockey.  I moved once again this time at the age of 16, attended 4 different high schools, and played Junior hockey in Sault Ste Marie MI, Des Moines, Dallas, and eventually Division 1 College at Quinnipiac University in Connecticut. A string of unfortunate injuries ended my hockey career but opened the door to my other passion, music. I formed a band and started playing local college bars.  After college, I moved to Hollywood to follow my dreams. Soon, the smog and clutter of the big city started to get to me. The thing I know best-country livin'- was calling my name. I harnessed theses feelings and started writing. The words and music started a flowin. It was time to record.

With some cold calling, I began to seek a recording spot and producer to collaborate with and guide me with my first songs. My gut feeling was pulling me to my roots, Michigan. After a few phone calls, I teamed up with Detroit producer Al Sutton (Kid Rock, Greta Van Fleet), settled back in pure Michigan, and began to record.

I released 3 singles and currently have demos for a new self written album ready to be recorded.



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